Our entire mediafire account has been wiped out, and it would appear as if they are currently cleansing themselves of all "suspicious" looking accounts. Clearly, this is devastating for the site. Due to the current hostility and uncertainty in the cloud storage/file sharing realms I am unsure of the future of Behemoth Skin. 

While we figure out the best path to take from here, I recommend following Toxicbreed's Funhouse while their mediafire is still intact.

Thank you all for your support
-The management



Hate to see you guys giving up so soon...

Well, it was fun.

RIP behemothskin.

Just Jarrod

Such a bummer! Loved this blog! Good luck with future plans!


damn times are changing.but you know what they`ll find another way to fuck those leeches.


I don't want to say we're calling it quits yet. That mediafire had 3 years worth of files and a lot of personal things of mine as well. Sure, I could spend a few weeks doing nothing but uploading material to another account, but it'd only be a matter of time before that account is flagged, wiped, or mediafire itself goes under.

But like I said, I won't say it's the end. Toxicbreed and I have been looking into moving downloads to magnet links, for one. This was just a huge blow to us and it may be some time before we're back on our feet.

Thanks again everyone.


those stupid bands should give their records away for free anyway.


its sad to hear that admin, hoping you can get over it as soon as possible...

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