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 Behemoth Skin is dedicated towards showcasing quality music. Most are new releases, some aren't. Most are hardcore albums, some aren't, but all of it is music we believe deserves to be heard.

This site is for people to learn about new music or hear what their favorite bands new stuff sounds like. Without the support of us fans these bands wont be around much longer so that means PLEASE go out and support the bands you like by buying a record, a t-shirt, or going to one of their shows when they play in your neck of the woods. Let a touring band sleep on your floor, or simply spread the word about them. Anything helps.

All links are not hosted by the posters or the blog itself, and are on sites such as Mediafire.

Any band or label that wants a link removed, just say so in the Cbox or in an email and we will gladly remove it. Please do this before reporting our stuff to Blogger or Mediafire.

In the event you do want your band(s) media removed:
We also encourage bands and labels to work with us to have interviews and promo posts instead. The bands on here are featured for a reason, please help us to help you promote them!

We were founded by audiophiles, and as such, we have quality standards for our posts. All posts are aimed at being V0 VBR quality or higher. No posts will be made of rips less than 192 kbps, with the exception of possible individual tracks due to the nature of VBR encoding. We do check for lossy transcodes by comparison of spectral graphs on questionable rips. If an album does prove to be a lossy transcode, it will be removed.

No FLAC or similar lossless backup rips will be uploaded- do not ask. However, we will upload V0 transcodes from FLAC rips. We do this to encourage purchase of the actual records and CD's. No mp3 compares to the quality of a real record or CD. If you enjoy an album and want something better than mp3's, buy it.

Many of the albums and record leaks we post are from scene groups. Behemoth Skin thanks GRAVEWISH, FiH, FNT, hXc, pLAN9, and others for their quality releases.
As of April 2011, all scene releases are V0 VBR rips.

If you would like your band's media put up for download, please email us with a Mediafire link to a 192 kbps rip or above (preferably V0), with the album artwork and a link to the bands website. Include a link to where the album can be purchased if you'd like.

All submissions and any questions or concerns should be sent to: behemothskin@gmail.com
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