AIM: Behemoth Skin

If you would like your band's media put up for download, please email us with a Mediafire link to a 192 kbps rip or above (preferably V0) .ZIP or .RAR file, with the album artwork and a link to the bands website. Include a link to where the album can be purchased if you'd like.
Tips for getting your band posted:
-Include at least medium quality album artwork (400x400 or above)
-Include a bandcamp link or similar streaming site

Any band or label that wants a link removed, just say so in the Cbox or in an email and we will gladly remove it. Please do this before reporting our stuff to Blogger or Mediafire.

In the event you do want your band(s) media removed:
We also encourage bands and labels to work with us to have interviews and promo posts instead. The bands on here are featured for a reason, please help us to help you promote them!
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