Dead In The Dirt - Fear

Unholy shit, motherfucking sonic mayhem has never sounded so fucking rad! A-towns DEAD IN THE DIRT has blown my mind again! At the end of this month, they will be releasing a really awesome 10-song 7 inch on Southern Lord entitled FEAR. This band serves up huge plates of charred riffs with blackened baked vocals, plus stewed bass lines dipped primal rage – and to wash this all down they give you drum blasts filled with haterade! I will give you this advice: play this record loud as hell, but be warned, all of your neighbors will hate you and you might get evicted, but who cares, you did it in the name of killer music. DEAD IN THE DIRT are totally gnarly – every song on this 7 inch is hi-octane radness that makes you want to rip the face off of injustice. This band has something to prove, creating music that is full of manic energy and that has secret rooms of decaying melody. Both of the vocalists in this band are top fucking notch, so you better recognize. DEAD IN THE DIRT’s songs do not build, they start off ultra sick and stay that way until the end, and then the next song comes on, so the killer process repeats itself. When you hear “Bastards of the Bleak,” and the drums start hitting you in your heart, you say to yourself, this band means business, and to that I say, you are damn right. When I hear DEAD IN THE DIRT, I feel like my head is stuck in an audio shit storm of radness. These dudes have no boundaries when it comes to taking genres then morphing them into their ugly/brutal likeness. With this band, you don’t know where the grindcore becomes d-beat, then shape shifts into black metal, who spits out blood mixed with hardcore/punk. That’s what makes me so into DEAD IN THE DIRT, they can cook up a pot of musical gumbo with a healthy dose of some of my favorite musical tastes, so I’m never hungry when I’m finished listening to them. These dudes have earned a spot on Vol. 5 of the Blackened Everything mixtape for sure! Check this out: if you are on the East coast, you are in luck, DEAD IN THE DIRT are rampaging across your coast this month. After the jump, check out all of the tour info!


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