Crowbar - Sever the Wicked Hand

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Holy fucking shit. I love Crowbar and I expected this record to be good, since it's their first release in six years, but I am blown away by what I have heard so far. The thing I have always loved about Crowbar is that aside from being literally one of the heaviest bands ever, they have always written music that is presented with many layers, which is a rare thing in heavy music. They prove that not only can you draw influence from anywhere, like 60s and 70s love songs, according to their singer, Kirk, that you can do it tastefully and it will only serve to provide a deeper level of poignancy to your songs. So not only will you find some thrashin' fuckin' riffs and their classic NOLA string bending/sliding, you will have that melodic melodrama you had on records like Odd Fellows Rest, which is probably my favorite facet of Crowbar's song writing. I can't wait to listen to this whole thing.

Update 2/5/11: Link has been updated with a better sounding V2 VBR scene release. Proof a retail rip here


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