Titan Blood - Titan Blood CS

If you take a catchy (early, non-racist) Skrewdriver riff and toughen it up with a bit of the demeanor of 86 Mentality, you will have Houston, Texas' Titan Blood. A self-proclaimed "mysterious guy oi" band (sarcasm, I'm sure. Hilarious.), Titan Blood share current and ex-members of Houston heavy hitters The Burden, Ten Crowns and Graverobbers (and a shitload more great bands, most likely). This cassette was released through the band's TB Collective label, which has also released some other dope shit, from what I have read (that Hoarders tape "sounds like the B side of Humanity Is the Devil." Whaaaaat?) and a wax-sealed cassette by The Burden (Whaaaaaaat?). And according two an update on the TB Collective site, there are only two copies of this tape left, so I suggest you go snag one before someone much smarter than you does. Oi.

(Audiophile note: Converted to v0 from the HQ .WAV files posted by the band using XLD lossless decoder.)


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