Deathspell Omega - Paracletus

Once again a group with a musical sense far beyond that of its peers releases an untouchable album. It is sickening how talented all of the members of this band are. Not only are they bringing more of the same insane, dissonant, ripping Black Metal to the table, but there are many more influences being revealed in these songs. Truly fascinating. Also, the rumors of this band sharing members of Kickback, if true, seem to be a bit more clear on this recording as the sense of melody seems much more similar in some of the guitar work. Anyway...

Just fucking download this record. It's fucking sick.



Kickback? DSO contain members of Abigail & Fleshpress, Never heard any "kickback rumours"


Kickback's new lineup has an obviously black metal influenced guitarist. Parts on Kickback's No Surrender are similar in writing style to stuff on this, they're both from France, etc. Just speculation

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