Korova - Demonstration #7089

Pro-printed cassette tape of the new Korova demo limited to 100 copies. Four new songs of noise and power in the (lack of) tradition inspired by late 80s and 90s hardcore punk. The thick, raw sound is augmented by layered samples and circuit bent analog instruments, and the music was recorded on a cassette four track in the band’s warehouse practice space during times of extreme heat and intermittent rain storms. Lyrics deal with Southern Religion and underhanded "punk" business practices. The B side is ten minutes of live audio recorded at Magic City Wholesale during a show with Rational Animals and Vile Intent. Contains several old songs and an Infest cover
Sent in by the band.

tapes aren't finished yet, but check out the songs here. Link is to a 128 non-split track rip, but a "name your own price" high quality download is available from their Bandcamp.

Another note: the band also linked me to an interview they did in regards to music download blogs. Cool read, would be nice to see more bands with this attitude. Link to article here


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